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AtomMiner AM01 - Miner Only - In Stock!

Sold out
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Each miner uses under 20 watts of power to operate
  • Automatic profit switching
  • Extremely easy to scale (Just add more miners!)
  • Can easily be powered by renewable energy sources


In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned a future where digital cash is decentralized, easily accessible by the average person, and secured against nefarious actors. The AM01 fulfills that vision by giving potentially every household a cost effect method for easily and efficiently mining various cryptocurrencies while also helping to secure those same networks. 


The AtomMiner AM01 is a small and quiet FPGA miner that requires only a single Raspberry Pi, under 20 watts of power, and an internet connection to get you started mining crypto. 


To make mining easier and more profitable, the AM01 comes with software that is integrated and tuned to work with the AtomMiner pool by default and will provide all available features like profit switching and automatic algorithm selection to increase the miner's earning. This means that the AM01 is truly a plug and play miner designed to run efficiently and reliably 24/7 with near zero maintenance. 


After purchasing the AM01 if you decide that you would like to scale your mining operation you can do so easily by simply purchasing more AM01's. A single Raspberry Pi 4 can support multiple AM01's and a host PC can control up to 64 miners simultaneously. 


The AM01 is truly a work of art and SwiftSloth is proud to be able to provide this Miner to our customers. 


If you are curious and wish to know more information about the technical specifications, expected hash rates, power consumption and supported Algorithms please feel free to visit the official AtomMiner website for more details @ 


IMPORTANT NOTE: This setup does NOT come with the necessary Raspberry Pi unit or host PC that is required to run the miner. You will need to either already have a spare Raspberry Pi (1/2/3/4) or you will need to purchase one separately. We are sorry if this creates any confusion and in the future we will be providing kits that will contain everything necessary to begin mining right out of the box.